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We have no limits, we repair everything except the things that can’t be repaired.

We have a small shop with almost every part and accessory, so if you have a special request, we can provide you the needed part in a little while.

Whether you need a check, a tire change or a replacement, we can help.
If you are on the move, we offer express service, no need to wait days for your bike, we can fix punctures and other problems on the spot.
For larger services, call in advance:


+36 (70) 277 4818


In our shop we sell TREK, Sprint, Transontana and Romet bikes, but if you can’t find the model that suits you, we can procure any bike you need (subject to stock). We also offer electric bikes for sale.
In our shop we offer a personalised bike for everyone, our aim is to help everyone find the right bike and not just choose according to a special offer. Our bicycles require little servicing if used properly.


When choosing a bike, the following criteria should be taken into account:

– where will I use the bike (city, trip, forest, etc.)
– what will I use the bike for (long trips, evening entertainment, shopping, survival touring, etc.)
– how important is the look, colour, design (retro, classic, sporty, etc.)
– how often do I ride it (e.g. 5 km or 500 km per month)?
– how much load I want to carry (bag, basket, etc.)
– other needs

For those of you who have not yet decided which type of bike suits you, here’s a selection:

Off-road bike, recommended for hikers who mostly do not ride on the usual bike path, but on forest and dirt roads. It usually has a telescope in front, but it is usually not equipped fender. You have to buy lighting, luggage rack, etc. separately, if you want.

Touring bike, suitable both for off-road and bike paths, but also good in the city. Most models are fully equipped, so they have mudguards, luggage racks, lighting, and sometimes even a bell. There is also a telescopic and spring seat tube version of this. If you mostly go by bike, a Trekking bike is better than a Mountain Bike, because of the large wheel and thinner, smoother rubber, you can go faster with it.

A city bike, it usually has a low speed, which is enough for small slopes and uphill climbs that occur in the city. In women’s and even men’s versions, it mostly has a dropped frame, and easy to get on and off it. Many manufacturers also add a basket, recommended for both young and old.

Not just for competitors! It is recommended for everyone who intensively practices cycling and likes to go fast. The light frame (alu, carbon) enables even faster progress, it can be cycled at an average speed of up to 50 km/h.


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